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It's the latest must-have from the USA - eyelash enhancement serums.  These easy to apply products promise longer, thicker lashes within around 28 days.  So popular are they across the pond that celebrities are coming out in their droves to sing its praises. Brooke Shields, Jenny McCarthy and Claire Danes are all fans of these great new products. Check out our fabulous serum from top U.S. Brand Divaderme - the Natural Angel Stimulash Intenso Tonic promises thicker, healthier lashes with the added benefit of all natural ingredients.
Of course while you're growing your own lashes you're still going to want fantastic, dramatic eyes.  Look no further than our great new product - BRUSH ON EYELASH
EXTENSIONS!  Yes, you read it right - no need for messing around with glue or expensive visits to the salon.  Just brush the jet black powdery fibres over wet mascara and watch your eyelashes grow.  Great for a dramatic all over look, thickening and lifting at the corners or even filling in where you've lost a salon eyelash extension. This is the best new product we've seen for a long time and we can't stop singing its praises.  Try it once and you'll be hooked.
Click on the image to see the amazing Divaderme Brush on Lash Extensions demo video >>>

If you're looking for something a little simpler then our brand new DIVADERME THREE IN ONE is for you. And why not give our Fibre Wings treatment mascara a try? A creamy black mascara enriched with Argan oil to condition and encourage healthy lash growth each time you apply.

Divaderme Fibre Wings Treatment Mascara
Fibre enriched mascara and argan oil treatment all in one.
Price: £49.99
Divaderme - Lash Extensions In A Bottle Price includes £3.50 p&p
Fabulous brush on eyelash extensions. Simply apply over wet mascara and watch your lashes grow. Easily removed at the end of the day. One bottle will last for months! Can be used with any mascara but for best results use with Divaderme Mascara in black.
Price: £45.50
Divaderme Natural Angel Stimulash Intenso Eyelash Tonic 9ml Price includes £3.50 p&p
Stimulash Intenso Eyelash Tonic by Divaderme is a 100% plant base gel formula with a blend of herbs that contain moisturizing and revitalizing elements, essential for natural lash volume. Great for brows too and the 9ml size will last for around 5 months.
Price: £45.50
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